Aetos Press  A micro-publisher located in West Yorkshire

Aetos Press is a independent publisher specialising in local history with a particular interest in the history and topography of the regions of Greece.
As a micro-publisher Aetos intends to publish a limited number of titles each year, initially focusing on aspects of Greek landscape, history and culture. It is intended that the range of titles will eventually expand to cover other geographical areas.

Current titles:
frontcoverCastles of Northwest Greece

A detailed guide to the castles and forts of Epiros, Aitolia and Akarnania dating from the early Byzantine period to the eve of the First World War.

frontcoverLandscapes of the Greek Myths

This book is a topographical guide to the world of the Greek Myths. It relates the Myths in their original settings: either the location in which the events were thought to have occured or the places in which they were celebrated.

frontcoverThe Fortifications of Nafplio

This book provides an analysis and detailed description of the complex fortifications that surround the Greek town of Nafplio.

frontcoverNafplio: Biography of Greek town

A unique and fascinating history of this famous town in the Peloponnese, combining detailed research with entertaining anecdotes to bring history alive.